Streamline communication between your practice and your patients/customers with an SMS platform that helps build loyal patients/customers for life. It’s business text messaging, designed specially for healthcare practices.


The business text messaging platform that makes communication in and outside of your office more effective and more efficient.


Keep the same phone number your patients/customers know and recognize, just with convenient texting capabilities, even for landlines! Message patients/customers when you’re in or away from the office with the Jystr smartphone app that responds to messages using your practice’s phone number instead of your personal number.


Get patient/customer messages automatically routed to the staff member they need to get in touch with, even when the office is closed. Send patients/customers a custom or standard automated message when they try to contact you after normal hours or if the office closes unexpectedly.


Just like your current call routing system directs phone calls to the right line, Jystr will direct text conversations where they need to go automatically. It’s like the advanced version of the automated routing system you’re used to.


With Jystr, a patient/customer can send photos directly to their healthcare provider via text. Reply quickly to the problem or question, then integrate the images easily into the patient/customer’s records. Patients/customers get the responses and care they need sooner, while your practice maintains accurate records.


Protect your patients/customers’ privacy with our internal texting and instant messaging platform. Unlike other popular IM systems, Jystr uses its own private server to keep your messages safe and encrypted. Send emails, texts, and other instant messages securely to patients/customers, insurance providers, law offices, and more.


Whether accessing your website from a desktop computer or mobile phone, patients/customers can simply click a button on the page to begin texting you! The office SMS number will automatically be added as the patient/customer’s text recipient, or they’ll receive a text from that number that they can then reply to.

Jystr enhances communication with smart conversation technology

Even with a single office phone number, Jystr acts like an auto attendant system, sending text conversations to where they need to go in an instant.

Imagine sending a text to several patients/customers asking them if they would like to come in for an earlier appointment now that a slot has opened up. Send it from your main office line and when individual patients/customers respond, Jystr will automatically route it to your office scheduler, without broadcasting it in a large group message.

Jystr integrates to your patient/customer records and management system

When patients/customers text your office, you can easily pull up their records, preferred provider, upcoming appointments, and more with just a few clicks! Have all the information you need for efficient communication between parties so no one is left in the dark.

Jystr allows for the secure exchange of patient/customer data

Jystr can be used with other business contacts or referral offices through patient/customer linking. Send a link to another healthcare provider that will let them see any or all of the patient/customer’s records. This file transmitter shares data through Jystr’s secure, private server so that patient/customer data is exchanged safely between practices and other companies. Sending even the smallest amount of patient/customer information through an unmonitored message system on a public server should be a thing of the past.

See for yourself how easy communicating with patients/customer, your staff, insurance providers, and other individuals can be with Jystr.


Update your office to the new standard of communication.

Our lives are busy. Patients/customers run from activity to activity, and often don’t have the time to wait on the line to have a phone conversation with their healthcare provider, who is also running around with little time to talk on the phone. Only having phone and voicemail capabilities dramatically reduces good communication and patient/customer satisfaction with your practice. By updating communication with SMS texting, you give patients/customers the option to communicate with you on their timetable and yours.