The old way to communicate with patients/customers was over the phone. Not anymore.

Tired of not being able to reach a patient/customer? Annoyed by your office’s phone routing system that eats up patients/customers’ time and loses more calls than it redirects? Worried about sending sensitive information over an unsecured network? Wish there was a more effective way to respond quickly to questions and retain more patients/customers?

Yeah, we felt the same way too.

We’ve seen how frustrating it can be for physicians and patients/customers alike to be playing phone tag all day long. Surely in today’s modern world, there had to be a better solution.

We observed that a key component to finding and retaining patients/customers was how well a medical office was able to communicate and how quickly they were able to respond to queries. What helped even more was when those responses weren’t your run-of-the-mill answers, and that queries were routed to where they needed to be sooner.

In short, what patients/customers wanted was a faster, easier way to communicate with their dentists and doctors. And medical providers felt the same way when needing to communicate with patients/customers.

Our team at Jystr sought to create a simpler communication system for medical practices, to help them find and keep more new patients/customers and better retain the ones they had already.

And thus, Jystr was born.

The Future of Practice-to-Patient and Business-to-Customer Communication

Jystr is a text and instant messaging platform that offers internal messaging within your office and external messaging to patients/customer, lawyers, insurance providers, referring physicians, etc.

Because Jystr runs using a private server, it is also HIPAA compliant. Integrate it with your patient/customer files and management system to record all conversations in a single place.

Jystr also acts as a modern automated routing system. It will direct text messages instantly to the correct provider in your practice. Whether that’s to the patient/customer’s primary physician, or as a group text to medical assistants who may be able to answer the patient/customer’s question quicker while the doctor is away, Jystr will route the message for you. The sender won’t even need to suffer through a long, complicated phone tree, only to leave a voicemail that doesn’t receive a response until hours later.

Improve communication within your medical practice and with patients/customer outside of it for better patient/customer satisfaction and higher retention rates! Request your free Jystr trial today to begin.