How Can Jystr Help Your Dental Office?

Jystr is more than just a text and instant messaging platform. It is the sophisticated solution your dental office needs for improved communication and greater patient satisfaction. What dental office wouldn’t want that?


Confirm Appointments

Confirm or reschedule appointments with patients, without playing phone tag. Create and send other automated texts for common tasks, like wishing patients a happy birthday or asking for their insurance information before a first appointment.

Automatically Route Messages

Like an internal phone tree, Jystr routes text messages to where they need to go in your office. A patient has a question for their dentist? The text will go straight to them. Another patient wants to check for any other available appointments? Their text will go straight to your front desk. Done.

Better yet, the Jystr system connects with your landline! You won’t even need to change your office phone number, a convenience especially for patients who have been with your practice for years.

Save Patient Photos

Dental offices with Jystr can send and receive photos via text. This opens the door for patients who need to ask their dentist a question, but may not know how to explain it. All they need to do is snap a picture of their chipped, cracked, or broken teeth and send their provider a quick text. All photos and conversations can then be saved in the patient’s file to keep a complete and accurate record.

Sign Up New Patients

Getting a new patient now can be as easy as receiving a text message! Individuals often will choose one dental office over another based on how convenient it is to schedule an appointment. If your office makes it easier for patients to do that, then you already have a leg up on the competition.

Don’t let your dental office miss out on this modern communication system, built to help streamline dentist-to-patient communication. Contact our team today and see for yourself what a difference this text and instant messaging platform can make.