How Can Jystr Help Your Doctor’s Office?

For any physician who’s ever missed a patient’s call, needed to reschedule an appointment, or sent patient records to an outside provider or insurance agency, Jystr is for you. Our text and instant messaging platform is simple and secure, keeping your patients satisfied and clearing up your schedule.


Respond to Patient Questions

For questions large and small, patients get the responses they need sooner. Messages can even be routed to medical assistants if their physician is in with another patient. Plus, all conversations are integrated with that patient’s file. No need to make a note in their chart; records are kept up-to-date automatically so no information is lost!

Reschedule Appointments

Confirm and reschedule appointments all through texts. Our system will send an automated group text to patients with appointments the following day or the following week. Patients can then respond to your office number individually if they need to reschedule or cancel.

Safely Send Patient Information

Connect Jystr with other contacts, such as referral offices, to send patient data immediately via a secured network. Jystr even offers a feature called patient linking which lets you send a link to another provider over text with which they can access the patient’s complete records.

Save Time!

Above all, Jystr makes communication for you and your patients simpler and less time-consuming. Both parties can respond on their timetable. If a patient wants to talk with their doctor about something that someone else in the office can answer, our smart system will direct the message to them as well. You save time going through and responding to voicemails, while your patients save time waiting on a response.

No doubt about it, texting and instant messaging are the way of the future for doctor’s offices. Find out for yourself how much Jystr can improve communication and relationships with patients. Click below to speak with one of our reps and begin your free trial.