Jystr Features Designed for Medical Practices

Jystr’s text and instant messaging system solves specific issues every medical practice faces. See some of our featured services below, or get in touch with our team with any questions you have about how Jystr can help improve communication in and outside of your office.


Automated Message Routing

No more phone trees! With Jystr, senders can directly text your landline number and messages will automatically route to the right department or provider.

Private Server

Jystr’s HIPAA compliant messaging allows you to send patient/customer information to insurance providers, law offices, and other companies safely and within a matter of minutes.

Standard or Customized Messages

Send standard responses, or customize automated messages for that particular patient/customer. You pick the settings for both individual and group messages.

Management System Integration

Save conversations in a patient/customer’s file, including any pictures the patient/customer or provider send. Pull up that patient/customer’s record in the future to refer back to any previous conversations and information.

Website Chat

Set up a Jystr chat button on your practice’s website. Prospective patients/customers can start a conversation with your staff using this chat feature or use it to start texting a doctor. The old way to obtain new patients/customers was to wait for the phone to ring. Now, all it takes is a single text.

Smartphone App

Respond to messages from your patients/customers or office staff on the go. Even when the entire office is closed, patients/customers can receive immediate responses and have their conversations directed to the correct department.


Ready to begin?

Phone calls are a thing of the past. Take your medical practice into the future with simple, integrated text and instant messaging from Jystr. Start your free trial today and see how effectively you can reach patients/customers using this modern approach for communicating.